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Think Ahead with actionable account insights

Introducing our state-of-the-art engine for account management supported by AI, meticulously crafted from an array of internal and external sources, designed exclusively to generate invaluable account insights!
Account Management AI
Change In Leadership Account Management AI risk
Upsell identified account management AI

Trusted by industry leaders

Supercharge Account Management

Elevate every account interaction by harnessing comprehensive intelligence to pinpoint pain points and seize opportunities.

Escalation Mastery

Bid farewell to surprise customer escalations! Let Intelo's account AI proactively alert you to potential risks, drawing from both internal and external sources of data.

Uncover Hidden Growth Avenues

Don't miss out on potential upsell or cross-sells buried within your customer interactions. Proactively detect signals and emerging patterns.

Unified Consistent Engagement

Effortlessly generate notes, engage meaningfully with your customers, and monitor NPS – all unified with your CRM ( optional ).

How it works

Intelo’s co-pilot, Cami, is your unwavering account management AI ally, driving results through actionable insights. Cami serves as your go-to assistant, offering assistance in summarizing vital customer context and seamlessly integrating with your internal data to supercharge your account management strategy.

Intelo Advantage

360 customer view

Provides a comprehensive view of every customer, aggregating key insights to present a complete picture in easy to understand views including health and contextual role-based insights.

Predictive insights

Automates data analysis and visualization to empower strategic business decisions. Insights not reports, Nudges not tracking, KPI’s not metrics to help your team focus on what matters – your customers.

Interactive dashboard

Provides a holistic view of all key metrics and outcomes in a structured and customizable format, depending on your business needs.

Prevent churn

Intelo uses it's deep customer management knowledge combined with a continuously learning model to flag well in advance, any possible churn risk.

Upsell identification

Intelo identifies upsell opportunities by identifying correlated patterns across all your customer portfolios and relevant interactions and proactively acts by informing the account manager and recommending a base upsell action plan.

Prebuilt integrations​

Intelo transforms your customer data and interactions and lets you hit the ground up and running from day 1, thanks to its vast number of pre-built integrations.


Get started for free and grow based on your needs.  If you are an individual account manager, sales engineer or customer success manger or own a team of people, Intelo makes it easy for you to sign up quickly and get value from the platform right away.


Single Use
Get started with only your email. Find all the intel about your customers and capture notes, risks and opportunities.
Account Insights
Capture customer interactions
Manage risks and opportunities
Real time reporting
Up to 10 customers


Advanced User
$ 10 99
Integrate with key platforms to harness the power of Intelo's AI engine to manage customer voice and health all over the communication platform of your choice.
Everything in Starter
CRM integration
Slack/MS Teams integration
Customer voice
Customer health


More than 5 users
A modern AI-driven easy-to-use platform for large enterprises to manage all their account management needs.
Everything in Pro
AI driven interactions analysis
Customer journeys
Automated playbooks
AI assisted communication

Crafting Intelo's AI through insights

An AI engine’s effectiveness hinges on the quality of the data and intelligence it’s built upon. Beyond a multitude of external and internal data sources, we’ve partnered with leading account management and customer success experts to unearth pivotal insights. These insights have not only influenced our AI engine’s framework but have also driven the evolution of our product features.

As part of the Intelo Insight Series, we’ve opened up these invaluable insights to you. Explore a selection of impactful themes that have shaped both our journey and the Intelo platform itself.

Ready for more intriguing insights?

Julie Fox

Julie Fox

Sr Manager, Customer Success
Chad Horenfeldt

Chad Horenfeldt

Customer Success and Customer Experience Leader
Parul Vij Chopra

Parul Vij Chopra

Head of Customer Success
Angela Carmack

Angela Carmack

Senior Director of Customer Success

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