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Dillon Young - Senior Enterprise Customer Success Manager (Director), Maxwell

  •  Challenge everything.  Challenge your assumptions – about processes, about what works and what doesn’t, and about what activities provide value, both to your company and your customers. Just as important: learn to challenge your customers – namely how they use your product and how it is they think about their business and your company’s place in it.
  •  Find the loose change in the couch cushions.  Said another way: ask questions and make decisions with a revenue mindset – look for money everywhere!  I know I know, it’s been said a million times.  But it’s worth saying again: revenue is the Chief’s love language.  Learn to speak that language, learn your role in the bottom line, and learn how to influence that role by finding ways to contribute more to that bottom line.
  •  And…do it all while never losing sight of the customer.  This is where, as they say (who? not sure.), the rubber meets the road.  The art of Customer Success is in developing, strengthening, and expanding relationships at your accounts by being a trusted resource and delivering value *while also* driving forward your company’s initiatives.  Go get ’em, kid.

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