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Erika Villarreal - Principal Customer Success Manager Eptura

  • CSMs are superheroes, but they are not magicians. Companies should shift their expectations and stop relying on CSMs to perform miracles in saving customers. Instead, the responsibility for renewals should be a shared effort among all departments. Sales, Professional Services, Support, Product, Engineering, all play a crucial role in ensuring a seamless customer journey. Magic truly happens when all teams embrace a unified Customer Success strategy, making it their ultimate priority.


  • Customer success is a journey, not a destination. It’s an ongoing commitment to cultivating strong, lasting relationships with customers. As a CSM you must ensure you adapt to your customer’s changing needs and aspirations. Re-evaluate their desired outcomes as many times as necessary.


  • A healthy customer does not always mean a successful or happy customer. While a customer may appear healthy in terms of product usage or metrics, it’s possible that they aren’t achieving their desired outcomes. Understanding their unique needs, aspirations, and challenges is crucial in delivering customer success.

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