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John Sumpter - Customer Advocate • Product Evangelist

  • Customers who are silent are the loudest. Like most things in life, customers operate on a spectrum. You’ll have those who want a touchpoint with the team as much as possible to those who only want to be contacted at the end of the quarter or only during renewal time. The customers you never hear from at all are actually screaming. They haven’t figured out how to truly use your product, they are generally unhappy with the services so far, or there are fifteen other reasons you haven’t uncovered that could potentially lead to a non-renewal. Don’t wait until it’s two months away from renewal to check in with them. Pick up the phone and call them the moment you see them starting to slip away. 
  •  Data tells a story but does it tell the story your customers want to hear? Work backwards the moment you begin creating your customer success plan. Ask your customers where they want to be at the end of their first year with the partnership and work with them to build a plan that meets their expectations and can be achieved. No reason to tell them you can fly them to the moon if you can clearly see they are still trying to establish their land legs. 
  •  Your customers are people. They have lives outside of their day job. Be empathetic, make things easy and use the first few minutes of every meeting to actually connect with them. Someone is more likely to renew a contract because they enjoy working with you and you’re able to deliver versus a team that delivers but lacks the actual relationship.

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