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Sean Reddix- Private Consultant - Customer Success, Customer Operations

  • Dig deeper for the goals that “move the needle” for your customers
    When discussing goals with your customers, make sure you are asking probing questions to uncover which goals are really going to have the highest impact for them, don’t simply accept an arbitrary list of goals to achieve. Sometimes the real goals are only discovered by reading between the lines and making inferences based on what you know about the bigger picture of their current and near-future business environment, usage, budget concerns, etc. This will ensure your roadmap and strategy will be aligned more perfectly with their needs.

    2.Take it one step further
       Never be satisfied with doing the bare minimum for your customers. If you are fulfilling an ad-hoc request, try to anticipate any potential follow-up work that might be needed and get ahead of it by submitting it with the initial request. If you are doing project work, then during requirements gathering sessions always ask if there is more you can do, and be proactive in suggesting quick wins that the customer hasn’t asked about but which you know are possible. Try to always add that extra something to everything you do.

    3. Use analytics to anticipate product enhancements and expansion opportunities
       Nothing beats a human interaction, but Customer Success analytics tools can be extremely helpful for forecasting when a customer might want a particular product enhancement, or be primed for an expansion/upsell opportunity. Performing regular reconciliations of customer data between and across accounts, segments, and industries can help you identify when to put together a pitch, or proactively recommend an upgrade. High performing CS teams should document qualitative data that might be missed in a typical customer health score, and use that data in conjunction with quantitative measures to pinpoint these upcoming opportunities.

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