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Shane Smith - Principal and Founder Everetics

  • Humans are emotional, and customers are humans. Customers remember how THEY feel at the end of a CSS interaction. Focusing on how customers feel secure and know they will be cared for is vital to CSS’s soft skills.
  • CSS interactions are expansion opportunities. When solving a problem, a CSS rep has customer context, is not perceived as a salesperson, and is generally considered a trusted advisor. This is a perfect time to help the customer expand their knowledge of the product and help drive NRR (another way to do something, a cool feature, etc…)
  • Quiet customers are your churn blind spot. Over 19 of 20 unhappy customers don’t interact with you at all. When analyzing churn risk, looking at what customers are not giving you feedback and are not interacting with CSS is vital. Build outreach programs focused on these quiet customers.

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