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Make your interactions count

Unlock insights from your account interactions to increase revenue and reduce churn risk

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Are you experiencing any of these pain points ?

Delayed customer interventions

Do you find yourself being pulled into customer escalations much later than you would have preferred to be informed?

Missed sales opportunities

Do you discover possible upsell or cross-sell opportunities missed in your reviews due to the team not identifying the signals or patterns coming out of your customer conversations?

Missed risk signals

Are you missing out on identifying customer churn possibility because several events that increase risk are not being shared with you in a timely manner?

Insufficient data to make decisions

Are you on time actionable insights on account movements based on internal and external sources of data ?


How Intelo addresses these challenges?

Risk Management

Intelo identifies risk trends across your customers using models that train continuously on your industry and historical data. The insights are surfaced up to you in the platform of your choice.

Interactions Analysis

Intelo analyzes all unstructured data that you can point the product AI to. The AI is trained on account management taxonomy and identifies the patterns that comes from all your customer interactions.

Lead Identification

Discover possible upsell or cross-sell opportunities missed in your reviews by identifying the signals or patterns coming out of your customer conversations and product usage.


Intelo is not a platform on it's own, it lives in slack, teams or chat. It co-exits with Hubspot, Salesforce, Gainsight and Totango if you already have a sales or customer success platform.


Integrate data seamlessly

Intelo integrates with a variety of enterprise tools, enabling you to turbo charge your existing processes with comprehensive insights on all customer interactions Integrations - Elevate Your Account Management Platform
Visualisation - Account Management Platform


Prevent customer attrition

Intelo identifies patterns and conversations which signal possible risk of customer churn.


Actionable interaction insights

Intelo uses its trained AI models to analyze all conversations and data to identify opportunities to increase revenue


Intelligent conversation highlights

Connect seamlessly with Intelo and let it automatically capture meeting, email and channel summaries, sentiment, and key topics

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