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Bonnie Fine - Head of Customer Success Toki

  • Ask the follow up – Even if you have the answer to their question right away, sometimes it’s best to ask a follow up, because you might learn that there is a way to provide a more tailored and effective solution to their issue. Customer success differs from customer service – it’s more about building relationships and finding solutions, not just providing quick answers. By taking the time to ask follow-up questions, you can show your customers the strategic value you add.

  • Expectations are everything – Set and manage expectations from the start by understanding your customers’ needs and how they perceive your role. Some may view you as a consultant, others as a project manager, and some as a friend. Establish your strengths and communicate your expertise, ensuring customers understand your goals and purpose.

  • This is one of the easiest ways to build trust and goodwill. There will be times when you can’t respond quickly – but having a proven track record of being responsive and helpful in the past will lead to understanding from customers when things take a little longer than usual.

  • Responsiveness is key – you won’t have all the answers right away, all the time, and that is okay. But a quick – hey I’m looking into this – to make the customer feel heard, goes a LONG way, and buys you some time to look into their request. 

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