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Paddy McShane - Head of Customer Success STATSports

  • Delight in every interaction; on getting time to communicate with your customers, ensure to bring some element of genuine delight to the conversation to ensure it’s both valuable and memorable for each individual. Go above and beyond!
  • Educate to enlightenment; the customer can educate themselves to a point. This is the point of where they assume they need to be to get value from the subscription. However, as a CSM, you take this further to enlighten the customer further than education. Uncovering elements of the product they never thought they’d need, an approach which saves them and their whole team time and money, or an upcoming feature they can look forward to. Be the Buddha of that relationship and enlighten their pathway to success.
  • Timely responses beat quick responses; in this industry speed is always the goal in relation to KPIs. However, this can lead to a lack of quality. One response, hastily written and quickly sent but ultimately incorrect, can lead to a much longer to and fro with the customer in trying to recover what went wrong and increasing frustration. Whereas an informative and timely response getting to the crux of what the customer needs prevents wasting anyone’s time. A timely response is key!

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