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Sara Arecco - Head of Customer Success Antavo

  • Behind every customer there are people with a personality, a life and thoughts. If you forget to build a genuine connection with the people behind one account, churn is a matter of when, not a matter of if.
    Managing customer success and managing people are very similar sciences: for both you need to understand who is in front of you, what they respond to, what drives them and what they need
  • Without a good product, CS stops standing for Customer Success and starts becoming Crazy Saviors always acting in firefighting mode
    Fact is CS is not a Cheat Sheet either for companies, as Customer Success can only happen when the whole company is committed to the success of their customers
  • CSMs act as the bridge between customer and product company need to be able to speak multiple languages: one that works with customers, one that works with management, one that works with product, one that works with support, etc etc
    If you can’t communicate in the same language, chances for miscommunication are infinite and that’s how you get to churn once again

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