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Shareth Ben - Chief Customer Officer- Apptega

  • Cross-functional collaboration to deliver business outcomes is one of the toughest challenges a CxO needs to solve. I suggest deploying a strategy that has worked well in my past experience. CxO leadership needs to invest in cross-functional brokers. These brokers are individuals who are met with the least amount of resistance to act as catalysts between two functions or departments, and they are either  identified or developed. There are two types of cross-functional brokers: bridges and adhesives. Bridges are great at being the conduit of communication between two functions i.e sales and CS. On the contrary, adhesives are individuals who can bring multiple teams together based on their ability to relate the most with others based on technical compatibility. i.e technical CSM who can work with engineering. Investing in these cross-functional brokers can help break down silos better and faster.
  • When Customer success is treated as support plus, it is simply not sustainable.Any SaaS company that has CSM’s serving customers in a support plus function capacity, will struggle to improve the GRR and the NRR metric especially. This is often the symptom of  product-market fit issues, lack of proper customer segmentation for differentiated support, lack of self-service, absence of problem management and feature fragility to name a few. If these critical issues are not addressed promptly, post-sales teams will continue to face scalability challenges with high staff burnout. 
  • This may seem trivial however smart companies use acronyms to their advantage to improve on operational excellence.  Process changes are often essential and unavoidable  to improve internal departments’ collaboration. To implement these changes at-scale try labeling them using acronyms for one simple reason: acronyms are brief and easy to remember, which makes them more likely to be adopted. Tactics such as using acronyms, along with other change management best practices can promote process changes faster to yield better results.

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