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Rovilyn Oblea - Head Of Customer Success, J P Morgan

  • I believe Customer Success is a lot like farming. We think of our clients as seeds that we must nurture as they grow, so that they can be healthy for many seasons and harvests to come. By being constantly aware of their needs, caring for them, and nurturing them, we continuously impact our clients’ lifetime value.
  • One thing I’ve learned from leading an organization of over 2,000 client-facing leaders and team members is that they need to feel empowered to make clients successful. Providing them with a confident sense of empowerment entails infusing them with great energy, sharpening their skills, filling their toolbox, removing roadblocks, and helping them to understand and internalize that their work is meaningful and has true purpose.
  • Customer success should be a core philosophy across the entire organization. The Customer Success team has deep client insights and can orchestrate cross-functional teams to work together. All of us want the same outcomes. Customer Success managers should serve as growth facilitators, fueling impactful feedback to internal teams and adding value to clients. We grow when our clients grow. It’s a “WE” thing.

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