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Olivier Fisty-Amenouvor- Senior Customer Success Manager Camunda

  • 1- Customer Success will continue to take a pivotal and central place in all Organizations. Not that it wasn’t prior, but it will become more and more critical that in order to achieve rapid growth, rapid adoption and success, Organizations would need to invest in Customer Success more than ever before.
  •  Successful organizations are using all 3 known growth strategies effectively in an intertwined manner . You cannot just follow one or the other in an isolated fashion . Organizations will continue to get new revenues through sales-led growth, also have their great product be its own marketer through product-led growth, and finally invest in great customer experience and create advocates and referrers through customer-led growth, with the help of their customer success teams
  •  The Rise of AI creates a momentous opportunity for Customer Success Leaders and Professionals to leverage it in order to do our jobs faster and efficiently. It will eliminate the time we spend on performing the “admin” side of our jobs so we could use that time to do more strategic activities with our clients.

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