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Noel Nguyen-Senior Director Customer Engineering | Phonism

  • Empathy in Customer Success: “Empathy is the compass that guides the customer success strategic advisor. As we delve into the intricacies of an organization, it’s the understanding and shared feeling that allows us to align with the customer’s vision truly. Empathy is what turns a mere consultation into a deep, trusted partnership.”


  • Interpersonal Skills – Beyond the Classroom: “Interpersonal skills are not mere qualifications on paper; they are the lifelines of effective communication in business. A strategic advisor thrives not just on market knowledge but on their agility to communicate, their prowess to solve problems, and their acumen to build diverse relationships. It’s the bridge between internal goals and external realities.”


  • The Art of Relationship Management: “In the SaaS and Customer Success world, relationship management is the difference between transactional interactions and building lasting legacies. It’s about nurturing an ‘ongoing’ bond with customers, ensuring trust and loyalty. Beyond just serving, it’s about becoming an indispensable part of a customer’s journey and fostering a culture of collaboration internally. It’s not just about holding onto clients; it’s about holding onto trust.”

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