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Jyo Shukla-Customer Experience & Transformation Leader|

  1. Experience: Customers value their experience with you as much as the product or service they buy from you. And from a business point of view, 61% of CX leaders say that investing in better CX has given them better financial results. Investing in a measurable, consistent and scalable customer experience strategy should be one of the key goals of a business.

    2. Outcomes: Your customers invest in your product or service with a goal in mind, and how you help them achieve that goal differentiates you as a strategic partner as opposed to just a vendor who sells to them. Outcomes signify a clear “end state” when they are achieved, which may or may not be different from the customer’s “desired state”. That journey from the vision to practicality and then reality of your customers’ goals, identifying and addressing issues and pitfalls in the process, and subsequently being able to translate them into specific, measurable outputs, results in a true partnership that makes you their trusted advisor.

    3. Value: Beyond the subscription fee, what undeniable benefit does your SaaS offer? It is crucial to ensure that the value of your offering resonates deeply with your customers, securing their trust and advocacy.

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