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Haig Kingston - Head of Customer Success, Zellis

  • The key to Customer Success is in the title itself. The customer should be at the centre of everything you do and that should come from across the entire organisation.
  • Showcase the success of both your customers and your partnerships, as a previous CCO once said to me, and I hope he doesn’t mind me using this phrase “Customers want to be rockstars too”.
  • Recognizing and identifying customer value doesn’t have to be as complicated as you may think. Sometimes, the smallest things can provide the biggest return. Remember, it’s the customer’s value, not yours.
  • Customers are your biggest asset! Downward-trending customers provide opportunities, and, as you guessed it, upward-trending customers also provide opportunities. Never be afraid to recognize the value in both sets of customer profiles and demonstrate ‘true customer success’ in both scenarios

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