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Kevin McCahill - Head of Customer Success, Envase Technologies

  • Humanize the process Remember your customers are people, not just a number or contract. They have their own needs and concerns, so they need to be treated as such. This means cutting down on the corporate-speak and communicating clearly, using all opportunities to learn their needs and share your knowledge; this can turn a customer into an evangelist.
  • Use Emotional Intelligence EQ skills like empathy and active listening are key to building trust and rapport with your customers. Asking what they view as success with your product, and staying supportive of that, can build a strong bond. Validating your customer’s emotions and asking open-ended questions ensures you understand their needs, and they’ll feel understood because of it.
  • Follow the  data                  CS is more than gut feeling; using analytics tools can show you were your customers are spending time (and where they aren’t) and allow you to either adapt the onboarding experience or add in further guides or education to make sure they see the full value of your product. The faster they find value and feel successful, the more likely they’ll stick around for the long term.

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