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Bethany Bosso - Sr Director of Customer Experience Opportunity@Work

  • One of the most underrated skills in Customer Success is curiosity. You don’t need to be a subject matter expert in everything your customer does to build a strong relationship and deliver value; but you should be curious in your continued discovery. Continue to work to understand your customer’s less-obvious motivating factors, remain informed in their potentially niche market trends, and be ready to recommend new and to meet ever-evolving preferred ways of working


  • Don’t boil the ocean during your kick off meeting. Onboarding is the most critical time during the customer journey, and balancing rapport building while driving outcomes is key. Anchor your conversation in your customers top key goals with a success plan that is data-driven.


  • Know when to leverage your team and resources. As Customer Success, we can often fall into the trap of trying to be and do everything for our customers. Knowing when to tap in cross-functional teams and leverage their expertise, supports in creating trust and in delivering an exceptional customer experience.

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